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Trio Selfie Stick
Trio Selfie Stick
Trio Selfie Stick
Trio Selfie Stick
Trio Selfie Stick
Trio Selfie Stick
Trio Selfie Stick
Trio Selfie Stick
Trio Selfie Stick
Trio Selfie Stick
Trio Selfie Stick
Trio Selfie Stick
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1. Selfie Stick 2. Tripod 3. Bluetooth Remote ... all in 1!

Get the latest selfie stick that’s about to become THE way to get the BEST shots of you with your friends or family on a vacation or just hanging out together. You’ll be amazed at how incredible your selfies are when you try this for the first time, like they were taken by a professional. Start getting better selfie shots, way more often.

Why The Traditional Selfie Stick Is Yesterday’s News?

You need a selfie stick. It will give you loads more space and make taking multiple shots a day way easier and less time-consuming. But you’ve probably already realized something: a traditional selfie stick presents the same problem as having to use the long arm! Maybe you get one more face in, but that’s it. And how annoying is it to see that ugly pole at the bottom of the picture? Or even worse, you try to pose as naturally as possible, but it’s so obvious you're holding a selfie stick (remember that disappearing chin?) SO WHY ARE YOU STILL USING IT?

An updated, advanced-tech selfie stick with removable BT remote will get you more followers as quickly as yesterday. There’s zero reason why you don’t want to get way more popular on Insta. That's why the Selfie Trio Stick with Bluetooth Remote is a game-changer when it comes to taking better selfies than anything else you see online.

With this awesome new stick, you can take hands-free selfies using the revolutionary BT remote. And it works from over 30 feet away so you can include everyone, like your whole bridal party, in one selfie. No timers, no uncomfortable squeezing together, and best of all––no long arm!

Plus, the comfort-grip handle can quickly and easily convert into a tripod, allowing you full hands-free wireless selfie capability.

Stop Stretching And Smarten Up

If you’re on a mission to get the best shot possible, you can’t afford to use selfie sticks or the long-arm method. You’re living in the not-so-new millennium where smart technology is not only in abundance, it’s necessary. You have to keep up with the times if you’re going to be anyone on social media.

The Selfie Trio Stick with BT Remote gives you full hands-free capability, which means no more stretching, bending, twisting, or having to do 50 retakes just to get the perfect shot.

Instead of holding a traditional selfie stick and making everyone squeeze together for a group shot, you can now convert the Selfie Trio Stick into tripod mode. All you have to do is set it down, move up to 30 feet away, and click away! Take as many shots as you want using the tiny Bluetooth remote. With the Selfie Trio Stick, you’ll get everyone in the pic and so much more!


How It Works

Selfie Trio Stick with BT Remote has three awesome features in one intelligent design––and it’s unlike any other selfie stick on the market. First and foremost, it is a high-quality selfie stick. Second, it’s also a tripod, which means you can position your phone so it’s the right height and distance away. Third, it has a bluetooth remote so you can take photos at the exact moment you want them––you have complete control. And the remote is small enough to slip into your back pocket.

Take Better Shots Every Time

Removable Remote Control

Include scenic backgrounds in your vacation photos because you can use the remote from over 30 feet away. Detachable remote is essential!

Show Off Your Best Side

Take multiple pics from any angle without having to move the Selfie Trio Stick. Now you can always find your best angle.

Snap Shots Like A Pro

Ditch the long-arm or pole shots from ALL your selfies and take professional looking photos every time.

Get The Perfectly Imperfect Look

Look totally natural in all your photos––everyone will wonder how you’re getting such amazing shots! You can even click the Bluetooth remote while it's in your pocket or behind your back!

Video Conferencing, Facetime, Skype Now Made Easy!

Even better, using the Selfie Trio Stick in tripod mode allows you to video conference, Skype, FaceTime, or use any other live stream conveniently, without having to hold a phone or stick in your hand. And that Bluetooth battery lasts extra-long because the remote shuts off after 90 seconds of non-use.

Supercharge Your Selfie Game.. Anywhere At Anytime!

The hands-free Selfie Trio Stick is perfect for any occasion when you want to capture and share the perfect moment without sacrificing quality:

  • Graduations
  • Sporting events
  • Corporate events
  • Amusement parks
  • Scenic attractions
  • Vacations & holidays
  • Birthday and retirement parties
  • Outdoor activities like camping or the beach
  • Engagement parties, bridal showers, weddings, and so much more!

More Features Than You Can Imagine

  • Fun and easy selfie or group photos
  • Detachable Bluetooth remote control
  • Compact design fits right in your pocket
  • Automatic shut-off after 90 seconds of non-use to preserve battery life
  • 180° rotating phone holder allows for vertical and horizontal photos in every angle

If you really want to, you can still use the Selfie Trio Stick like a traditional selfie stick. It extends over 24 inches and the Bluetooth remote conveniently fits in the handle for easy use. The point is, now you have a choice and isn’t great to be the one in control?


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