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Cat-Ty Windmill Spinning Cat Toy
Cat-Ty Windmill Spinning Cat Toy
Cat-Ty Windmill Spinning Cat Toy
Cat-Ty Windmill Spinning Cat Toy
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Interactive Fun For Your Cat

Make every day a play day for your beloved kitty! This interactive Windmill Spinning Cat Toy with LED ball light will stimulate your cat's imagination and occupy them for hours at a time. The spinning movement and double hideaway domes encourage their natural explorer instincts, as they can pat, scratch and sniff their way to find and retrieve any hidden rewards. This terrific little toy's movable windmill design is held in place by a sturdy suction cup, and will let your cat paw and chew the soft silicone brush in the center, which is also great for grooming and teeth cleaning.

A purr-fect way to keep your favorite feline happy, the Windmill Spinning Cat Toy comes in a bright yellow color that stands out among the crowd in any cat toy box. Designed to encourage exercise and reduce your pet's anxiety, it's a BPA-free, healthy alternative to laser toys or having to throw small toys back and forth with kitty. The self-grooming tool in the center is soft enough that your cat can rub their face and head on it to get a good, deep scratching and earn a little relief from their busy day. Plus, the bite-resistant material helps with teeth cleaning and proper hygiene if kitty decides to chew on it - without causing any harm to their new favorite plaything!

Easy to Use, Even Easier to Enjoy!

Fasten the spinning toy to any smooth surface using the suction cup on the base and watch your cat have a ball! Use it in tandem with tile, smooth cabinets, glass, mirrors, coated wood, bathtubs, and more. For a stronger hold, try wetting the base of the suction cup before affixing it to the smooth surface. Note that the suction will not work well with uneven surfaces or textured flooring and walls, which will leave gaps in the suction and not hold properly.

For further assembly and inserting cat toys in the dome lids, start by pushing the bottom of the silicone dome base. The dome lids will pop out of the base and you can remove the LED light ball from one side of the windmill spinner. Then pull out the insert card to activate the automatic LED light and place the ball light back into the base. On the other side of the windmill spinner, place your pet's favorite cat treats, a little bit of catnip, a play ball with bells, a crinkle toy, or anything you think might captivate your cat. After you place the dome lids back into both sides of the base, you're ready to place it on a wall or floor where kitty can start pawing at the windmill spinner. When it's gently moved, the blades rotate and LED ball will flash. The two raised pieces on the base will help release the suction when it's time to put kitty's toy away for the night.


  • Encourages exercise
  • Satisfies hunting instinct
  • Soft silicone grooming brush
  • Includes windmill spinner and built-in LED ball light
  • Made from BPA-free thermoplastic rubber and polycarbonate
  • Measures 16 cm long (6.3") x 7 cm high (2.7")
  • Requires 2 LR41 batteries (included)
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