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Medisafe Disposable Vinyl Gloves (100 pieces)
Medisafe Disposable Vinyl Gloves (100 pieces)
Medisafe Disposable Vinyl Gloves (100 pieces)
Medisafe Disposable Vinyl Gloves (100 pieces)
Medisafe Disposable Vinyl Gloves (100 pieces)
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Keep Your Hands Clean

Do you want to have clean hands? What if you just didn’t get them dirty at all? These Medisafe Disposable Vinyl Gloves are latex-free gloves that you can feel good about using and disposing of without risking contamination from harmful bacteria and fungi. You’ll also keep messy materials off your hands whether you’re cooking or cleaning. They also work great for peace of mind when you’re out and about, from the grocery store to going out to eat or nearly anywhere you are outdoors to supplement social distancing and mask-wearing.

Different Uses for Disposable Gloves

If you’re wearing disposable vinyl gloves like these, you’ll have no need to wipe off food particles or sticky syrups and sauces from your hands. Just throw the gloves away when done for a quick and easy clean up! And since they’re powder-free, you can trust that no harmful toxins will get into your food.

The gloves also work great when cleaning or wiping down groceries, especially in today’s world. After you go shopping, it can be important to wipe down the surfaces of what you bring home to help ward off any potential Coronavirus germs, even if it’s merely as an extra measure of precaution for everyday wear.

The Medisafe Disposable Gloves will also provide excellent manual dexterity when worn, so you can do all your daily tasks without worrying about the durable vinyl gloves tearing. In addition, these gloves come in your choice of two sizes: Medium, measuring 8”C x 9.4”L and Large, measuring 9”C x 9.8”L. Pick the one that best matches your hand size, or mix up the sizes for your family members or staff, depending on if you need the gloves for the home or office.

Quality Vinyl Gloves You Can Count On

These durable disposable gloves are made from polyvinyl chloride. Tested for quality control and verified for medical use by the manufacturer, the gloves contain enough strength to resist tearing and developing holes. Each glove in the box of 100 pieces has also been watertight tested for extra durability and leakage. Medisafe disposable gloves are suitable for doctors to wear on their hands to touch or examine a patient, or for anyone to use for protection against surface germs that may carry a virus or bacteria. For more information on the quality and durability of the vinyl gloves, be sure to click on the links to the Testing Reports included below.

Product Highlights

  • Box of 100 disposable vinyl gloves
  • Provides excellent manual dexterity and comfortable fit
  • Powder-free and latex-free for safety
  • Comes in medium and large sizes
  • Coronavirus supplies ship within 24 hours

Testing report 1, testing report 2, testing report 3.

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