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CyberClean Disinfecting Surface Wipes (50 pieces) | Alcohol-Free
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Clean and Fresh Sanitizing Wipes

Cyber Clean Universal Wipes are designed to kill 99.9% of germs. Safely wipe down your counters, appliances, bathroom, and most other hard surfaces. Universal Wipes are Alcohol-Free with a refreshing natural scent; Universal Wipes do not contain any dyes or synthetic fragrances. Wipes pack comes in a colorful design with a pop-top lid making it easy to open, close and tote with no hassle or mess.

Each Pack comes with 50 wipes that feature a clean, fresh, soothing scent. The Alcohol-Free formulation is designed to kill 99.9% of germs on the surfaces you and your family come into contact with on a daily basis. Keeping your family safe from harmful bacteria and germs has never been easier with Cyber Clean Disinfecting Surface Wipes.

Resealable, On-The-Go Closure

That’s right, on top of offering a clean, fresh scented, disinfecting surface wipe, these come in a versatile bag with a raised resealable lid. When you find yourself out and about and need to safely sanitize those pesky surfaces you or your family may come in contact, rest assured, the Cyber Clean Disinfecting Surface Wipes have you covered. The resealable bag is terrific for taking with on the go to have in just such a situation. And the flat design of the packaging helps it fit easily in a bag, backpack, gym bag, or even a pocket!

To use the disinfecting surface wipes, open the sealed portion on top of the bag. Pull out one wipe at a time and wipe down your surface. Gently push the opening back down to reseal the bag and keep the wipes wet for the next time you need one. When you need to use again, simply pop the resealable lid and with confidence, safely wipe any surface you may come in contact with.

Each disposable wipe measures 7.5” x 5” – the perfect size to wipe, sanitize, and ensure surfaces are free from bacteria. The 50pk family size is the ideal size for the family on the go – clean wherever you are: at home, while out and about, and wherever you may find yourself needing a quick cleanse. These are the perfect disinfecting surface wipes you can trust to keep your family safe from germs and bacteria.

Product Information

  • DIN# 02509679
  • Active Ingredient: Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride – 0.29% w/w
  • Use: Effective in killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria and germs on hard, non-porous surfaces. Not intended for use on polished or bare wood. Keep container tightly closed in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place.
  • Recommended storage temperature: Room Temperature
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