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Quantum™ Booty Blast Bands | One Size Fits Most | Up To 35lbs Resistance
Quantum™ Booty Blast Bands | One Size Fits Most | Up To 35lbs Resistance
Quantum™ Booty Blast Bands | One Size Fits Most | Up To 35lbs Resistance
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Quantum™ Booty Blast Bands

Give Your Legs & Booty A Boost

Tone your whole body at home with the Quantum™ Booty Blast Bands! Perfect for the legs and booty, these durable resistance bands add up to 35 lbs. of resistance for an intense and effective lower body workout. Keep working out with the Blast Bands, and you'll begin to see an increase in muscle strength as well as improved endurance, increased cardio, plus more speed, power, and agility.

Using the Quantum™ Booty Blast Bands is easy and fast to setup. You'll get everything you need to firm and sculpt your legs and buttocks. The complete kit includes an adjustable waistband, two adjustable ankle straps, two resistance bands, and a mesh carry bag so you can take the Blast Bands just about anywhere. Attach the waistband and adjust to fit (one size fits most adults), then attach the resistance bands there at at the ankle straps. From there, the sky's the limit for exercises and workouts that help you get fit and look your best!

The Effective Lower Body Workout You Want

The Quantum™ Booty Blast Bands target your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and thighs, so you know you'll never have to skip leg day again! You'll get an effective lower body workout anywhere and anytime you use the bands. Working out with resistance bands builds muscle strength and burns fat by offering tension you have to work to overcome. Doing so helps you burn calories and increase the power in your body.

There is a wide, almost endless variety of exercises you can do for your lower body with the Booty Blast Bands. Try leg lifts, reverse crunches, multiple leg stretches, jump squats, and so much more! The resistance bands work for all fitness levels and any age of adult, from teens to seniors. Plan out a time and a space to do your exercises, hook up the waistband and ankle bands, and you are ready to go to work! Create your own fitness regimen to get the results you are looking for – even if you have to travel or go on the road! Pack up the bands in the included carry bag and you'll have them at your side to use any and every day.


  • Offers 35 lbs of resistance
  • Firms & sculpts legs and buttocks
  • Increases muscle and burns fat
  • For all fitness levels
  • Kit includes: 1x adjustable waistband (one size fits most), 2x adjustable ankle straps, 2 x resistance bands, 1 x mesh carry bag
  • Length: 17.7" / 45cm
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