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Quantum™ Hoop Health - 360° Exercise Hoop with LED Counter

Quantum™ Hoop Health - 360° Exercise Hoop with LED Counter
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Quantum™ HOOP Health

Enjoy 2-In-1 Fitness & Massage

This 2-in-1 Rotating Massage Exercise Hoop helps you to quickly burn body fat and achieve your ideal figure. Designed to fit nearly any waist, the hoop features 27 sections that can be fully adjusted to fit you comfortably. Whether you like a tight fit for ab-intensive workouts or a slightly looser fit to tone up arms and legs, the choice is yours. The interior of the hoop has built-in shock absorbers all around so you can enjoy a 360° massage while you exercise, a feature that will help you relax as much as it spurs you to enjoy your workout.

You'll burn body fat as you tighten the waist, legs, arm, and body with the benefits of hooping. Great for a home workout, the Massage Hoop is fully portable for use while traveling and on-the-go, and for fast & easy storage. The mechanism mirrors the motions of a classic hula hoop, but will aid in the pursuit of improved posture, calorie burn, focus, and toning. No need to join a costly gym or invest in a super expensive indoor exercise bike - this massaging marvel runs circles around those methods!

The Super Hoop You Need!

Unlike traditional hoops, the Rotating Massage Exercise Hoop won't fall down as you move your hips, so you're sure to get the the maximum results you're looking for! With proper usage, this fitness pal can help to burn fat three times faster than a normal hoop. A recommended exercise regimen is 5 times a week, 30 minutes each workout, and you'll burn 80 calories every time.

The Rotating Massage Hoop comes equipped with a special weighted ball for extra resistance and to work your abs harder. The Gravity Ball is filled with sand and can be filled with as much or as little as you choose for the workout you want. Easy to use and easy to assemble, this must-have hoop is adjustable to fit 23" to 55" waists. It's also suitable for adults and children (with adult supervision) as well as for all fitness levels, from the complete novice to a workout warrior.


  • 27 Adjustable Sections - Add or remove sections to best fit your waist; Fits 23" to 55" waists
  • Gravity Ball - Weighs approximately 0.9lbs and contains sand; Fill as needed to increase the weight and the intensity of your workout
  • 360° Shock-Absorbing Massage - Provides full contact with waist muscles while you exercise
  • Auto Spinning and Smooth Rotation - 3 sets of flexible axles per section which rotate at a constant speed
  • Maximum Hoop Size: 145cm / 57"
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